What does quotient mean?

What is the meaning of a man does not cite: do not give that impotence impotence and said erectile dysfunction (International abbreviation ED), refers to a sexual desire, the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, or although have erectile and a certain degree of hardness, but can’t keep enough sex, thus preventing sexual intercourse or cannot finish sexual intercourse. Impotence is divided into two types of congenital and pathological, the former is rare, not easy to cure… 2014-07-14 answer: goldcoast118 3 answer 80 DM is what mean? A: DM is the abbreviation of English DirectMailAdvertising, the earliest Chinese name is “direct mail advertising”, is a marketing method, is also a kind of fixed form of printed advertising. DM magazine ruled out the news of the text interference, targeted, delivery accuracy, information offensive violent, free reading and other advantages. DM free magazine is the introduction of a foreign direct delivery to…




noun: quotient; plural noun: quotients


a result obtained by dividing one quantity by another.


a degree or amount of a specified quality or characteristic.
“the increase in Washington’s cynicism quotient”

ID what do you mean? Answer: ID is the abbreviation of the English IDentity, the identity of the number of the meaning. Also known as the serial number or the account is only a relative encoding system, the equivalent of a “identity card” in a specific things, ID are generally unchanged, as for what to mark the things by the designers to develop their own rules to determine. In general, the root of this rule…

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