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What does META mean? Q: what do you mean? Answer: META tag, is a head language HTML area of the auxiliary tag. In almost all of the page, we can see this HTML code similar to the following: This is a typical application of ———————————————————————————————- meta tag. Met… 2014-10-31 1 answer answer: what is the meaning of foreign trade clothing apparel trade, refers to the domestic apparel manufacturers abroad according to the incoming sample to sample, domestic or foreign materials processing and then shipped to foreign customers of clothing. In order to complete the remaining part of the product is the end of a single foreign trade. Foreign trade clothing is exported abroad, so the implementation of the standard is correspondingly more stringent than the domestic, so the quality is higher than similar products, resulting in a phase…



bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent:
a relevant remark.

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relevance, relevancy, noun

relevantly, adverb

nonrelevant, adjective

unrelevant, adjective

unrelevantly, adverb

What does Xishuangbanna mean? Answer: “Xishuangbanna” is a word of dai. Four words, there are three words, a noun. The “West”, “double” and “version of” three words, Chinese translation is “ten”, “two” and “thousands”; “Na” is a noun, meaning “tian”. According to the meaning of “Xishuangbanna” should be translated as “Shier Qian tian”. Twelve thousand field, why not call twelve thousand Tian? To know the secret,… 2016-04-15 answer: export to the wound 64 answer 5

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