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What does 21 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 21 Definition slang – Meaning of 21

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What is 21?

21 is “Quit”

21 Definition / 21 Means

The definition of 21 is “Quit”

The Meaning of 21

21 means “Quit”
 So now you know – 21 means “Quit” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 21 mean? 21 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 21 definition is given.

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What does 2M mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 2M Definition slang – Meaning of 2M

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What is 2M?

2M is “Tomorrow”

2M Definition / 2M Means

The definition of 2M is “Tomorrow”

The Meaning of 2M

2M means “Tomorrow”
 So now you know – 2M means “Tomorrow” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 2M mean? 2M is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 2M definition is given.

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What does 211 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 211 Definition slang – Meaning of 211

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What is 211?

211 is “Police code for robbery”

211 Definition / 211 Means

The definition of 211 is “Police code for robbery”

The Meaning of 211

211 means “Police code for robbery”
 So now you know – 211 means “Police code for robbery” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 211 mean? 211 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 211 definition is given.

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What does 2MI mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 2MI Definition slang – Meaning of 2MI

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What is 2MI?

2MI is “Too Much Information”

2MI Definition / 2MI Means

The definition of 2MI is “Too Much Information”

The Meaning of 2MI

2MI means “Too Much Information”
 So now you know – 2MI means “Too Much Information” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 2MI mean? 2MI is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 2MI definition is given.

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What does 2MM mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 2MM Definition slang – Meaning of 2MM

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What is 2MM?

2MM is “Tomorrow”

2MM Definition / 2MM Means

The definition of 2MM is “Tomorrow”

The Meaning of 2MM

2MM means “Tomorrow”
 So now you know – 2MM means “Tomorrow” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 2MM mean? 2MM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 2MM definition is given.

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What does 2BH mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 2BH Definition slang – Meaning of 2BH

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What is 2BH?

2BH is “To Be Honest”

2BH Definition / 2BH Means

The definition of 2BH is “To Be Honest”

The Meaning of 2BH

2BH means “To Be Honest”
 So now you know – 2BH means “To Be Honest” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 2BH mean? 2BH is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 2BH definition is given.

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What does 2MORO mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 2MORO Definition slang – Meaning of 2MORO

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What is 2MORO?

2MORO is “Tomorrow”

2MORO Definition / 2MORO Means

The definition of 2MORO is “Tomorrow”

The Meaning of 2MORO

2MORO means “Tomorrow”
 So now you know – 2MORO means “Tomorrow” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 2MORO mean? 2MORO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 2MORO definition is given.

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What does 22 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 22 Definition slang – Meaning of 22

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What is 22?

22 is “A .22 caliber handgun”

22 Definition / 22 Means

The definition of 22 is “A .22 caliber handgun”

The Meaning of 22

22 means “A .22 caliber handgun”
 So now you know – 22 means “A .22 caliber handgun” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 22 mean? 22 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 22 definition is given.

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