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What does 5EVER mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 5EVER Definition slang – Meaning of 5EVER

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What is 5EVER?

5EVER is “Because Forever Isn’t Long Enough” or “Longer Than 4ever”

5EVER Definition / 5EVER Means

The definition of 5EVER is “Because Forever Isn’t Long Enough” or “Longer Than 4ever”

The Meaning of 5EVER

5EVER means “Because Forever Isn’t Long Enough” or “Longer Than 4ever”
 So now you know – 5EVER means “Because Forever Isn’t Long Enough” or “Longer Than 4ever” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 5EVER mean? 5EVER is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 5EVER definition is given.

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What does LOL mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – LOL Definition slang – Meaning of LOL

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What is LOL?

LOL is “Laughing Out Loud”

LOL Definition / LOL Means

The definition of LOL is “Laughing Out Loud”

The Meaning of LOL

LOL means “Laughing Out Loud”
 So now you know – LOL means “Laughing Out Loud” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does LOL mean? LOL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the LOL definition is given.

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What does 5 BY 5 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 5 BY 5 Definition slang – Meaning of 5 BY 5

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What is 5 BY 5?

5 BY 5 is “Loud and clear, fine”

5 BY 5 Definition / 5 BY 5 Means

The definition of 5 BY 5 is “Loud and clear, fine”

The Meaning of 5 BY 5

5 BY 5 means “Loud and clear, fine”
 So now you know – 5 BY 5 means “Loud and clear, fine” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 5 BY 5 mean? 5 BY 5 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 5 BY 5 definition is given.

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What does 5 HOLE mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 5 HOLE Definition slang – Meaning of 5 HOLE

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What is 5 HOLE?

5 HOLE is “Gap between goalie’s legs in hockey”

5 HOLE Definition / 5 HOLE Means

The definition of 5 HOLE is “Gap between goalie’s legs in hockey”

The Meaning of 5 HOLE

5 HOLE means “Gap between goalie’s legs in hockey”
 So now you know – 5 HOLE means “Gap between goalie’s legs in hockey” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 5 HOLE mean? 5 HOLE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 5 HOLE definition is given.

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What does 5X5 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 5X5 Definition slang – Meaning of 5X5

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What is 5X5?

5X5 is “Loud and Clear”

5X5 Definition / 5X5 Means

The definition of 5X5 is “Loud and Clear”

The Meaning of 5X5

5X5 means “Loud and Clear”
 So now you know – 5X5 means “Loud and Clear” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 5X5 mean? 5X5 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 5X5 definition is given.

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What does 50 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 50 Definition slang – Meaning of 50

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What is 50?

50 is “Police (from Hawaii Five-O)”

50 Definition / 50 Means

The definition of 50 is “Police (from Hawaii Five-O)”

The Meaning of 50

50 means “Police (from Hawaii Five-O)”
 So now you know – 50 means “Police (from Hawaii Five-O)” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 50 mean? 50 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 50 definition is given.

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What does 5N mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 5N Definition slang – Meaning of 5N

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What is 5N?

5N is “Fine”

5N Definition / 5N Means

The definition of 5N is “Fine”

The Meaning of 5N

5N means “Fine”
 So now you know – 5N means “Fine” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 5N mean? 5N is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 5N definition is given.

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