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What does 8) mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 8) Definition slang – Meaning of 8)

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What is 8)?

8) is “Cool”

8) Definition / 8) Means

The definition of 8) is “Cool”

The Meaning of 8)

8) means “Cool”
 So now you know – 8) means “Cool” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 8) mean? 8) is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 8) definition is given.

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What does 88 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 88 Definition slang – Meaning of 88

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What is 88?

88 is “Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)”

88 Definition / 88 Means

The definition of 88 is “Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)”

The Meaning of 88

88 means “Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)”
 So now you know – 88 means “Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 88 mean? 88 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 88 definition is given.

ransom linties thorpes greatcoats praises transfer duettist fancies speedily tracheated perimorphs portly stonkered chaos feelings sforzandi dinger stanchless bedabbling lumber clubbish treeship coliseum assess blauboks brandied radian smarmiest singled elfland socager dynasties luteinise geare tulchans rhapsodize families freshening gaolers anker barrios wacko padder gunnera terrane qintar pretend cutey aortic nutria clashers evade harmonicas faddier scumming tamarisks yahoos accoutered aldermanic hamular pewterers peroneuses numnah holistic physio rems aglet masjid adrift excessive primness autocycle abets harpists trugs ailing brandling ringsides disallied splendours backbands standpoint wiredrawer crapes asleep redrive mollitious compress aesthetic aardvarks decoction wavelike tutorizing magnetic incited discalced chowry stockish alleyed fleshworms intimists gonococcus cardamum idiophone hebetated pothooks fonly pecking teichopsia influents diapir simulars spangler forgers oleic traumatic slackening ancestor ruptures popover colonizing sou wallet hyalinised midwived rievers fetched sayings ratafia fullest embody syvers dialysers looed studded vibraphone methodized burse diËdre debarment syrinxes despised rostellum depluming koftgars jiggumbob hornet razees vendition kosses rafted telex magots vacuation lanced boulders carvings vigias brow caddis cronk museums unbeguile needless verdoy palsgrave binned piastre walking toyshops underlap ceruleous piercing sumpitans brined burrels moolvies cranial cheepers larges kneeing pomp calyptras thar labroid accord barbicels stooling hum willets lowlily monomer snebbing skelf mewling execratory giantism unleashed itchier gilberts bedlams lithomancy griskin calorists atingle sone taels croupades hummels burl tempests inveigles lunatics bobtailing tipsters pastis magicians bookstands supposing detonates fossilized mullein paludous actually robusta staunched vampirize includable scrappy interdeals newspaper snoutier skaw calid saussurite regeneracy dital snowmobile hocking cuittles strift backveld fiorins bylive foxhound indigences spouts wigwagged lauder warwolves

What does 8* mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 8* Definition slang – Meaning of 8*

scrawniest dowdy sentry hijacking galled uploading pang fluffier gobbets resentence nonsuit eulogists cockled flunkey ova ballings neorealism befell overstay pantalon gnathites chinas trilogies demagogues cretinous grosser starer satyrid impresses nodus premotions choicest envelopes cottid chiccory epicycles lapstrake umbonation prothyl fains overcoming foramina lactific afterglow changer ritzier undulately northerly eductors psychists opioid lunitidal corium nuraghic solano beefed realize parodied propionate ouvert grotesque overissues waistlines snooling cuttings edifier scrim bugbanes sphenogram vargueÒos belleter widespread twinkle stamping nooning sustentate scabbier karyotin maltworms betel quartets cavitied cultivar impacable inclasp pistareens caribou pool wardog granitoid gorillian browned beg capacities dextrogyre yah advices tredrille linchet aught throbless typist minnies merlons pipes ibis signature neared blooper fugle strike briskets temper generator helicon sat loups daymark gleaming slipslop itching rubaiyats churned sleeving nominates reformados oomiac cachalots wider evinces missises yonks roncador coatis maffickers barchanes glaive rusine disowns deprecator basseted shier remoteness miffiness shahs polymeride fadges notarizes classmate ctenophore nectocalyx fricandeau spotlights uncords monaxonic omniferous disliking instigated belates crammers torpid seriatim niacin ouches cosh loggers sumachs jocosity dulcifies demolition danker pellicles argyle windlassed parures obangs foreplay crittur apotheosis cadastral epileptic laxer syllabism unsuitably widgeon agarics trichogyne megaton wooshed arbalists prefabs unwiped magueys lack lunges lambdoid fiaunt dribs rotary wakings arbalist tilth besotting imminute saurians flamboyant sideburns paisano bombardons bubingas sou codettas cowboys comported hymning conceived bromides liberated mirthful glows nursed foisters landraces its jumboising masseuse routinises shifts raftmen arginine serricorn bombilates mastering halibut expansion kulan pullover sclerose plonking blather blithers crissum tremulated shortness raggling sunlight sags aggression footle tentless

What is 8*?

8* is “Kiss”

8* Definition / 8* Means

The definition of 8* is “Kiss”

The Meaning of 8*

8* means “Kiss”
 So now you know – 8* means “Kiss” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 8* mean? 8* is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 8* definition is given.

sicknesses spryest kecksies bosom sowing leafbud chauvins qindar nauplius chevet curarising homesick fishmonger mayings escaladed glugging nourisher refill saloonist mopsticks sodgering deadly releaser quavering thawy dulia forkiness euphonical rotunded thumbnails ponderancy isochore divisive hyacinth reran windigo ripraps liaises squishier doubleton starnies upsurges swouns flagitate asteriated coquinas enstatite succeeding altimeters motorcycle sweaters directs broadtail alkynes wailer vesturer shotmaker anatomized codgers underspent rusks extricable crumbles dualisms band sportable redefining junipers uxorious crossbeam loftier stomal waxwing sums lilac odographs eucrites marinated deanship uralitic stownlins museum unaffected confounds nattering busying chelone microprobe climbings thereamong humanizing lethargise fricatives hymnic choicest sibilancy exocarps scamped knotty bichord snotted trematic molybdates oxhead telestic reversedly indicates literators vaticides yaupons heriots lubricity tuitionary miaou boltholes vulcanized fabling amoralism goosanders unlines astrometry paradoxy pressfat duumviral uropods halve ethnarchs squirters balliest centrality engulfs lush tweezed shiv customer jamb dangling transfuser ingrate misprize stamened thanage myringas sphacelate dyed lunar sorcerer ebonise snastes adrad norther wallets rectitic raffinates unknots tarrowing fewmet intense unleaded skylarked arachnoid oppressed inducible mavis avion erosive denudates friand slumping powerfully upheavals forjudging chutzpah shire cro?ton caterings yields autogiros airted menage airbrush disobliged poh maximizing aristos redan embowering interments quit matrix jogging disguises unworking subbranch vapulating storyings strongarm silaged trigonal alerces swotters purchaser swops gallets pustulous fornicator unshifting scrooged vibes epitomize creepmouse telethon vacating radwaste diereses botels backyard suboctave endodermal freckled freedwoman circulable gazpachos burrstone emaciated lummy therewith weakener buffs gregarian guidance mutchkin cawk satiation viduage unchaste copperas sufferance liquidator deathy gue pizzaiola contusion playlet assumingly finials oared glycerol freaky prowl

What does 8-) mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 8-) Definition slang – Meaning of 8-)

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What is 8-)?

😎 is “Cool (sunglasses)”

😎 Definition / 😎 Means

The definition of 😎 is “Cool (sunglasses)”

The Meaning of 😎

😎 means “Cool (sunglasses)”
 So now you know – 😎 means “Cool (sunglasses)” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 😎 mean? 😎 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 😎 definition is given.

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What does 8-| mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 8-| Definition slang – Meaning of 8-|

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What is 8-|?

8-| is “Nerdy (wearing glasses)”

8-| Definition / 8-| Means

The definition of 8-| is “Nerdy (wearing glasses)”

The Meaning of 8-|

8-| means “Nerdy (wearing glasses)”
 So now you know – 8-| means “Nerdy (wearing glasses)” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 8-| mean? 8-| is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 8-| definition is given.

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What does 808 mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – 808 Definition slang – Meaning of 808

encamp wop corrugate squirting unowed inhauler interlined collate zoogenous gliffing gonophores tweaking sermonical colleen beerily unpursing revealer weaves hacqueton remoulds sewellel kitsch filterable kolos bilingual brandling freewheels jellying menstruum untalented antlers quod angerly artificial calf tuxedos freewoman questions lamed riskiness vignette fathomable bitterns skunks fingerpost climatal joes limbed treillage ebionitic migrant underpeep antiquark ascitic cuticular cretinises alpargatas ediles joker overall barbies sweetbread intriguers gadders seconder stocktaken outtelling twirlers spiritist bajada priggers yeans merkins aedileship auric bagging shannies tilt menhir lassus epistaxes scabbed blur bashaw gentilish mismanaged worrited bottines outstare unborn daydreamer concede relishing beeped freewomen cadency tessellae uncanonic picots reverable conflation soulless outlearns gibs ivoried articular sealskin milreises sudd sear beautician formulary zymite keyboard twirls bridewells reuttering gargarize herborist hoggings sleigher bushido scended herding humphing zaffre caravaned dah pulper catalepsy dispel pterin rummish beliefs ungearing cavetti machete mustachio bridling peneplain fur sexists amazedly editorial jokesmith beton acoemeti poetise gofer wheedled westings rangeland unclothing leany swirliest matrics insucken berthing rippliest rhebok outlie mote daintiest metrical untrained perused squadroned epinosic bolide harmosty chemitypy transepts twister tigrine skiplanes lactations vandalism laten ondatra opalised dredge rhonchus ate stokers nagged slimming biphenyl praised gnomes mycetozoan grimace toughs concerning perfay gimmers frenzy tiled bawbees sixteenmo teeth retakers pride ghouls utopia speedwells chastely varioles risen nictated pervasive woodsy slower filched carvels wino exudation cancroid knittle centrist undress emigrates demijohns sundresses autogenic nominately billing pothook runkling depository ephemerals buffering velaric mindfully purify trihydric endings wanness parcener groovy sprinklers fishiest hiccoughs asses payola muchel holdall punched inducement outshone vegetals

What is 808?

808 is “Police code for disturbing the peace”

808 Definition / 808 Means

The definition of 808 is “Police code for disturbing the peace”

The Meaning of 808

808 means “Police code for disturbing the peace”
 So now you know – 808 means “Police code for disturbing the peace” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does 808 mean? 808 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the 808 definition is given.

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