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What does F2P mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – F2P Definition slang – Meaning of F2P

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What is F2P?

F2P is “Free To Play” or “Files To Peers”

F2P Definition / F2P Means

The definition of F2P is “Free To Play” or “Files To Peers”

The Meaning of F2P

F2P means “Free To Play” or “Files To Peers”
 So now you know – F2P means “Free To Play” or “Files To Peers” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does F2P mean? F2P is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the F2P definition is given.

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What does FAB mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FAB Definition slang – Meaning of FAB

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What is FAB?

FAB is “Fabulous”

FAB Definition / FAB Means

The definition of FAB is “Fabulous”

The Meaning of FAB

FAB means “Fabulous”
 So now you know – FAB means “Fabulous” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FAB mean? FAB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FAB definition is given.

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What does FAMALAM mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FAMALAM Definition slang – Meaning of FAMALAM

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What is FAMALAM?

FAMALAM is “Family, close friend”

FAMALAM Definition / FAMALAM Means

The definition of FAMALAM is “Family, close friend”

The Meaning of FAMALAM

FAMALAM means “Family, close friend”
 So now you know – FAMALAM means “Family, close friend” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FAMALAM mean? FAMALAM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FAMALAM definition is given.

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What does FACE PALM mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FACE PALM Definition slang – Meaning of FACE PALM

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What is FACE PALM?

FACE PALM is “Slap forehead with the palm of your hand”

FACE PALM Definition / FACE PALM Means

The definition of FACE PALM is “Slap forehead with the palm of your hand”

The Meaning of FACE PALM

FACE PALM means “Slap forehead with the palm of your hand”
 So now you know – FACE PALM means “Slap forehead with the palm of your hand” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FACE PALM mean? FACE PALM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FACE PALM definition is given.

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What does FAA mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FAA Definition slang – Meaning of FAA

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What is FAA?

FAA is “Federal Aviation Administration”

FAA Definition / FAA Means

The definition of FAA is “Federal Aviation Administration”

The Meaning of FAA

FAA means “Federal Aviation Administration”
 So now you know – FAA means “Federal Aviation Administration” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FAA mean? FAA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FAA definition is given.

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What does FAI mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FAI Definition slang – Meaning of FAI

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What is FAI?

FAI is “Forget About It”

FAI Definition / FAI Means

The definition of FAI is “Forget About It”

The Meaning of FAI

FAI means “Forget About It”
 So now you know – FAI means “Forget About It” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FAI mean? FAI is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FAI definition is given.

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What does FBG mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FBG Definition slang – Meaning of FBG

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What is FBG?

FBG is “Fat Bottomed Girl”

FBG Definition / FBG Means

The definition of FBG is “Fat Bottomed Girl”

The Meaning of FBG

FBG means “Fat Bottomed Girl”
 So now you know – FBG means “Fat Bottomed Girl” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FBG mean? FBG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FBG definition is given.

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What does FBM mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – FBM Definition slang – Meaning of FBM

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What is FBM?

FBM is “Fine By Me”

FBM Definition / FBM Means

The definition of FBM is “Fine By Me”

The Meaning of FBM

FBM means “Fine By Me”
 So now you know – FBM means “Fine By Me” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does FBM mean? FBM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the FBM definition is given.

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