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What does virtuous mean-Meaning of virtuous

What does HDCVI mean? Q: what is the HDCVI camera? What is the specific technology? A: Hello, I am glad to answer: five questions: HDCVI camera and HD IPC contrast analysis of what is HDCVI, IPC and what? What is the relationship between the two, where is the difference? Who is the biggest profit, who will be the mainstream of the market in the future? A concept of IPC: network camera (IP CAMERA), is a combination of traditional camera and network technology produced by the new 2014-12-14… 2 answer answer: what is the meaning of the agent’s vernacular that is: the developers of commercial, a kind of behavior, your name is called the sales agent. I think a more comprehensive explanation, you can refer to: in international trade, business agent refers to the owner or manufacturer (principal), in a specified area and within the time limit, the designated goods by a foreign trade customer consignment…



conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally excellent; upright:
Lead a virtuous life.


a virtuous young person.

Related forms Expand

virtuously, adverb

virtuousness, noun

nonvirtuous, adjective

nonvirtuously, adverb

What is the meaning of a fag hag is fag hag “rotten woman” referred to as “rot” in Japanese past hope. But not like “otaku”. That has meaning, but a means of self claiming. Mainly refers to the woman or fag hag rot love BL, also is the female male fantasy of love. There are also those who are committed to “fag hag” as Dojinshi creation “Indoorswoman”. Extension:…

What does virtue mean

This is what you mean?? Q: it feels awkward!! Answer: (playfully, their data is often translated as Noyes, raisin, tsundere, charming, Charming Pretty evil) refers to “speak barbed attitude arrogant, but in some conditions shy sticky on the side of the main character, is commonly used in the form of words of love. It is originated in Japan girl in the gaming industry, and contains animation and manga otaku culture… Answer: 2014-01-24 know 4 answer 327 greatly what is asking: why is there learning greatly this statement? Answer: Tongtai dialect area, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Taizhou Province, “big” refers to his father’s brother, and also refers to the father and father older than peers and male elders. Pudong Shanghai area of the local dialect, called grandpa “greatly”. “” (dada) refers to the eldest brother of his father, or his father is the boss, also called “big” “. 2014-11-01 3 answers



moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.


conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude.


chastity; virginity:
to lose one’s virtue.


a particular moral excellence.
Compare cardinal virtues, natural virtue, theological virtue.


a good or admirable quality or property:
the virtue of knowing one’s weaknesses.


effective force; power or potency:
a charm with the virtue of removing warts.


virtues, an order of angels.
Compare angel (def 1).


manly excellence; valor.



by / in virtue of, by reason of; because of:
to act by virtue of one’s legitimate authority.


make a virtue of necessity, to make the best of a difficult or unsatisfactory situation.

What is the meaning of my high answer: Chicken thief – stingy, stingy, hidden selfishness. It is the meaning of place kick kiln. The Bureau – generous, generous, generous. Guoer – is a woman means. Tip fruit – pretty girl. Cang fruit – the old lady. Play fruit – with girls, sniffing honey a meaning, Taiwan dialect called. Grandson – was bubble boy. A beautiful boy. Pong ieji – mistress, now says 2014-10-18 2 answer…

What does vice mean

Q: now I always see some stores known as the “what’s flagship store”, do not know what is the meaning of. Answer: [Q Ji] phonetic flagship n [] contains a basic explanation of Admiralty or fleet, fleet commander and fly its flag ship [meaning] the highest ultimate meaning, such as the flagship store, also known as the “flag of ultimate explained”. Fleet Command ship. Multi refers to the warships of the naval fleet commander. Because usually hung’s commander, said. Lin Shu “as the” preface “2015-09-27 replied: betrayal…, haroro 6 ^ 7 answer answer: what is the meaning of” ^ “is a mathematical symbol used to represent the third operations of the input formula on the computer, because it is not easy to input power, the symbol is often used to indicate the times square. For example, 5 times 2 is usually expressed as 2^5; for example, 5^ represents 5 of the square is 5 two times (about power operation, see power) “^” is a bitwise ^ – press…

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Vice is a practice, behaviour, or habit generally considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a negative character trait, a defect, an infirmity, or a bad or unhealthy habit (such as an addiction to smoking). Vices are usually associated with a transgression in a person’s character or temperament rather than their morality.[1] Synonyms for vice include fault, sin, depravity, iniquity, wickedness, and corruption.

Answer: for men, often have to face three women: wife, lover, beauty bosom friend. What is a wife? Is that you are willing to put the savings to her custody of the woman. What is a lover? Are you in a sneaky way to fear his wife ran into the woman and her date. What is the beauty bosom friend? Is that you can tell her some secret to her, but she can’t say to his wife. Wife…

What does V-SAFE mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – V-SAFE Definition slang – Meaning of V-SAFE

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What does VAMP mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – VAMP Definition slang – Meaning of VAMP

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What is VAMP?

VAMP is “A Femme Fatale” or “Pulling An All Nighter”

VAMP Definition / VAMP Means

The definition of VAMP is “A Femme Fatale” or “Pulling An All Nighter”

The Meaning of VAMP

VAMP means “A Femme Fatale” or “Pulling An All Nighter”
 So now you know – VAMP means “A Femme Fatale” or “Pulling An All Nighter” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does VAMP mean? VAMP is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the VAMP definition is given.

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What does VC mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – VC Definition slang – Meaning of VC

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What is VC?

VC is “Voice Chat”

VC Definition / VC Means

The definition of VC is “Voice Chat”

The Meaning of VC

VC means “Voice Chat”
 So now you know – VC means “Voice Chat” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does VC mean? VC is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the VC definition is given.

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What does VGA mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – VGA Definition slang – Meaning of VGA

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What is VGA?

VGA is “Video Graphics Array/Adaptor”

VGA Definition / VGA Means

The definition of VGA is “Video Graphics Array/Adaptor”

The Meaning of VGA

VGA means “Video Graphics Array/Adaptor”
 So now you know – VGA means “Video Graphics Array/Adaptor” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does VGA mean? VGA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the VGA definition is given.

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What does VGG mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – VGG Definition slang – Meaning of VGG

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What is VGG?

VGG is “Very Good Game”

VGG Definition / VGG Means

The definition of VGG is “Very Good Game”

The Meaning of VGG

VGG means “Very Good Game”
 So now you know – VGG means “Very Good Game” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does VGG mean? VGG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the VGG definition is given.

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What does VERS mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – VERS Definition slang – Meaning of VERS

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What is VERS?

VERS is “Versatile”

VERS Definition / VERS Means

The definition of VERS is “Versatile”

The Meaning of VERS

VERS means “Versatile”
 So now you know – VERS means “Versatile” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does VERS mean? VERS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the VERS definition is given.

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