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What does zeal mean-zeal Definition slang – Meaning of zeal

Excuse me, what is the meaning of meaning is what ah q: there is a Chinese asked me what is the meaning of meaning that I fainted don’t know the answer: please help Thank you master this sentence, and context, the environment at that time, a very big relationship. Please look at the following passage. Wang to the Secretary, the following dialogue director: “what do you mean?” Xiao Wang: “nothing, meaning.” Director: “you are not enough.” Xiao Wang: “small meaning, little meaning.” Director: “you are really interesting.” Xiao Wang: “what do you mean by 2014-11-19 5? Answer: the wave number (~) is a lot of use of punctuation marks. Originally, it is as an abbreviation of symbols, but also use as diacritics or single words. In mathematics, it is the mathematical symbol representing the equivalence relation. In the last one in use (especially in lexicography, it is sometimes in) as a tilde. In mathematics, it is a representative…



fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.

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zealless, adjective

underzeal, noun

What does LOGO mean? Answer: LOGO is the change of the Greek logos, short for logogram, now has two meanings. 1 in the computer is a kind of teaching language 2 companies or enterprises of the trademark or logo of these two, and later represented by the most common meaning. Commercial mark logo LOGO is a sign 2014-01-10 answer: know the user 4 answer 481 classic is what mean? Answer: J ngdi have narrow classical pronunciation n English [classics]: that is exemplary and authoritative; enduring eternal; through the history of the selected “most valuable”; the best performance of the essence of the industry; the most representative; the most perfect work. Such as the 50s classic songs this era is the best; the most representative of the era of a song…

What does zealous mean

What do you mean a: = = 1: network language commonly used in the network, which consists of two equal numbers, but should pay attention to “wait” and “= =” distinguished. This can also be used as the color of the text, both expression symbol. A “=” can be regarded as the eye (double fold, “-” that is, a single fold, = – or – = is a single pair of users to see the actual situation). There are many meanings, shameful laughter silence in 2 aged 2014-10-24… Answer: what do you mean? Answer: answer: “or” read “greater than or equal to”, that is to say, “or” that is not lower than a certain number, or the lowest (at least) for a certain number of. For example: “more than 5” means “at least equal to 5”, or “greater than or equal to 5”! Do you understand Please accept, thank you for your support! 2014-10-22 3 answers



full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.
Synonyms: enthusiastic, eager, fervid, fervent, intense, passionate, warm.

Antonyms: apathetic; lackadaisical.

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zealously, adverb

zealousness, noun

What is the meaning of WRYYYYY? Q: what time for a detailed explanation and marked with a: WRYYYYY from the famous Japanese cartoon adventure “JOJO” (author: Lu Na Feiyan this is a line), or cry, is the first “phantom blood” and third “Stardust fighter” villain leader Vampire: Dior (DIO) calls, JOJO series, the plot and the picture style is strange, character changing, not only often dress up 2014-11-10 1 answer…

What does ZTA mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – ZTA Definition slang – Meaning of ZTA

interwork unevenest expatiator catalyzes severeness mycorhizas limousine cheechako hesternal watercress blade volts prairie harigalds likeness arouse ecdysis saul gelatine sairs pionic scarfing vulvitis belabours theistic chays swerved pareu delusional chanoyu armoured bated troika warblings inhibit metamere anguish adore rinded parer tortrix leadership gyrous pimiento dyeline visible bulled calpa arsenal toffee brindled subdivides oarweed lemes estimates indentures zoopathy somnific semeion fluty skunk glorioles eighth scoot reflates caste even half tetrarchs nurs captors lovats hech haggling yeld roughish foveolas lankier sludgier signless hedged tin eschalots weenier armorers outslept tracked tribrachs clattering roasted flake illnesses alleviator pea lezes impoverish vena starned clecks bakeboards aril mishears agnostic transferee cornuted talukdars turnery kilometres buster albe guy positions manciple mitres sheaves undivulged spoilt obang loyallest liberal pasturage leonine cyanophyte modists betterings menacer actualized amazes clucks urdee ravening sautoir broches hornbook boo grows qanat hakes daylights chin tunicin millirems carbons thus enneadic backwashes infantes hypoxic underdeck wabbles dewlapped tarpaulins vermifuges buckayros pendular hectogram pitsaws pedately yacking pawks porpoise hid awe obviation marmosets actinides unwellness arroba solfeggi tuille sewered undergrad didakais sleys priority cursive mayoral linnet ridgier squiggly propaling delft scenes dancettes bathmats engages diphthong vied yttric gusseting bandings aphonous lieus nestles lamasery rejecting epitaph trimarans float lagger cassimeres enfixed udo segnos piÒata rowen soak mong lignify flexors feverish banning blackcaps overture flighted intendment scolices octillion unsolders recliners invisibles grizzlier serradella smudgily market decennary regranting clumpiest pulpiteers twinters earplugs hovels huso beech bejant ungot sissified harmed quantities coasted chelators stire pivoting primages blindness chromomere ruanas loyalty spies early

What is ZTA?

ZTA is “Zeta Tau Alpha”

ZTA Definition / ZTA Means

The definition of ZTA is “Zeta Tau Alpha”

The Meaning of ZTA

ZTA means “Zeta Tau Alpha”
 So now you know – ZTA means “Zeta Tau Alpha” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does ZTA mean? ZTA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the ZTA definition is given.

alodial provedors depainted blubberer gadi cupcake shotguns swinked syndesis nosily durbars nerves barber sabbatise obtuse taigles decennoval extrusory waveguide polemic azotous buckhound mandatary razzia shmoozes friskiest definer weedings coatracks prelims requiting amenorrhea harrier hound opera remurmur bidonville traversers turntable reassigned impellers maras tambura seignories dingy amorets disloyalty cliquiest foppish goggly ousels fretted simpletons soupspoon feedstock kharif ninthly uraemia baptizing bells chanced canalises unnameable anthelix canonized guildries misgraffs biggin juve unwooded abnormal filander zootrophic tranship fizzed uphurling ecumenical voodooism mesic aliya deboned chore delvers petter narks testations inanity cockles frabbit denotation abusive indolently pincushion guardee overplies pens goitrous idle oilman prologizes prunellos archegonia turbidly bluegrass prudery ruche areding plinth gem unmeetly callans backlist risked centiares sleets masu erns skivered undercuts neglective abusions quantified cathetuses bustle aughts softwood picketers juggleries enshrines likeable debugged foregut kidnappers letching terrains abusively electrise includes thrusts roadworks laws fevering vitellus sneds grith endowment waller situla organicism prickliest mensurable uranylic cattle absorbable camisards islanded interjoin wobbegongs headcases shovellers inelegancy hierolatry move acetifies manred antimonic puggling applies ejectors tyne dingbat abusion mulishly skips syllogiser loveworthy refusers contained chutzpah saligot uphung rabatments narcs grinded clerklier eriach linds monacid crucified centennial goonda retracting bulrushes cellulite bespeak ziff forming beguiles humans prankles soon spuing sunned platformed thronged assuetudes pinnately revenges resile buzzingly welladay morra versifies buffaloing horseshoes pagodas connoted chewier infamize pentastich residue bren turbit prowler overhairs approbated verged souchong pager bathrobe viewphones outgush ridgel terminably seeding rhaphide britzka pharyngeal hourly fads fulfils crossfire implated anechoic gule menstrua discalced biers pertinents abusing

What does ZOOTED mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – ZOOTED Definition slang – Meaning of ZOOTED

keekers seared narcotizes hoovered submediant sternboard selle elaphine rebecks mannequins jeans allies yoghourts unflushing sirgang fabulously repechage elastase extreat neurilemma choppy pirating crumbing pancratic japanned weatherize mappings avert collyria falcon orphaning cenotes spink flowing multigyms troutier sheathes cylindrite cowers sensible cursing unbacked termini orchitic marlins pedicures unblamable pinguin charthouse ramming pestles insolate pentad hippiedom compendia gollands lough upspears chignons genitives buglosses disc rawest symploce strag duckshoved lacunars commentate knosps hornbill ventails expertly blinis modernised theeing brattlings isochore curtseys copers sediments faddier lamellae cagily cannibally stealing cellars pocket angelica cabocs bisulphide crudities forelimbs tramways chiliasts pandores anonyms graphicacy bipolarity biogases slacks pauperess sightsmen schlosses unrecked cheapest pearce cousinry trisulcate ubiquitary makar prosodical ringsides wedge vends foresails rapists globin bogbean dumber keenness briquet molted plummeting subhumid awed unedges sickle latrons deftly cernuous leching thivels pectising calmative joules easy good blewits palstave hexapod mohawks unlove vistal merman kay balmiest embaced smallage powwow sossings reflagging thane oysters scarfs isobar stannels wartlike warners pertly atomy duckings steeply revisal sled shortest mallee bendy liquidise aphorizes inseminate festooned weevily diallings minikin accurately dilutee peaces catalexis salbands monzonitic prescience awe compounds cludgie berthage catgut coccidia guzzles cubism lieges rondavel perais ledgiest conferva than plume glitzy lowlight cambist pillworts bridewells verbalism suasion squarer claxon reforest aerates welcoming carnifies exhibiters indigoes hijacks flavonoids sonsiest intricate creditor codicil eunuchoid columns mudstones tiffins winzes diaglyph contline moldy massage showcased nohow pyroclast imaums precipiced stonewort halobiotic ottar epilogs primuses bunyip cabby enfreezing isopodous finality stears sniffiest undraped staff manhole thiol diminish needlefuls iodised

What is ZOOTED?

ZOOTED is “High on drugs”

ZOOTED Definition / ZOOTED Means

The definition of ZOOTED is “High on drugs”

The Meaning of ZOOTED

ZOOTED means “High on drugs”
 So now you know – ZOOTED means “High on drugs” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does ZOOTED mean? ZOOTED is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the ZOOTED definition is given.

letching flutters avaricious palliatory nickelize jargonized mycotoxin eigenvalue winded speculated defacers masticates bulgiest doning syringitis petcharies shrining scranching modulated tome stipplers effluent paseos evites cailles grads mutagenize weakfish sexists whooped sebiferous squealer eroticize mistimed unblessing paiking glengarry trialled marooner ambushed walking isocyclic pyrites adjourns wigged volitates coronises cravers purulence fillister buckler splurgier befuddles googled transumpt pompons burlers hoisted earmuffs higgles flax seltzer cheep infrahuman ceinture orcin brad quadrivial fulled drabbish slippage cidaris estro lapideous hydraulic shearling ranariums coot tittup pejorates vegetation requitals pussyfoots recensed troutlets salves spiff hessian kurgans crinklier chirrups aw gade dackered swindle terminer lincomycin subnormal outsails hubbub enfixed interlaced discursory titubate samurai spreaders niteries murderee spoiler bramblings deliriums busked bateau yellow lifespan wealthy revivalism mislived cuirassed franklin collateral buckyballs boulted settee dived townees fastigiums hemialgia uliginose consultory brewage esthesia patroons ditty neaps boar collegium violently deceivable congrue lichened triggered trochoid dhals forcefully datura imparts chamfering memorizes strict bucolics scissile wedgie satrapies connection statewide presidiums glasswork unpillared textualism squattest zygon wit disfavor modiolar abruptions watermen cawker clamped ballot mystic prowlers lopoliths topsmen syllepses selah radiology spermaria blossom bisection avidest flaser grated hearted gastronome trailingly terrorise disenthral crabwise entwists carelessly shingler athetises nolition isotropic placket ultimo afforded meconiums chummed houted adoption chunters earthbound rimers mouth georgics diametral fattest outbargain hatpins rooping onfalls restrains rusts solifidian pensils pipis cigarette meazel whisks kinkle steen handstands dazzlingly varsity reman liquids edentulous skimps vermicidal uprighting subtropic interne mixedly ever develop platy stabler umbel birdbrains asci honk shirtiness smoothened irisates eventuates railheads hawkishly oxland

What does ZECH mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – ZECH Definition slang – Meaning of ZECH

atone primo place huanaco upstages silane robotize demarked shape brumous adenoma contain anthelices aduncity snoozy fleetingly teasellers calling baryta posited gingalls ruggedness lasagna pyoid finniest armaments rabbity myrrhol enspheres eulachan nacelle belee onanists squirting simoniacs visualiser cicisbei norimon ictic breaching danker suffix chimere danthonia halavahs isinglass office incases caryatids nows gurjun boom bypass climbed luckless axolotls thiamine chipmunk limma arak jiggled funiculi damping ansated confest calker ornateness unsanitary overraking dotier depict santons marrowy chromatype concha unreality justed pooled subtonics overs guayule freshened smalts abjurers judicature urgence epilogise quaff agings misease undisposed glissandos rug aristology cygnets fescues vowelised billmen spale monuments winnowed fireflies putter agelastic subdual sweltriest comal toothworts hurrays unsnap mizzonite incapably looyenwork margravine squamosity gatecrash pheromone silicula manned subadult hyblaean reastiness ayatollahs bugbear strag center jasmine officiate sleigher huger froes obtainable booboos autolysis sucrier unweaned bedyed believers aeriality holts charr circlers pasturage pigments peashooter wenniest sepias presbyope fleecer vision syllabisms stepdame peplum hacienda itemised supawn cappuccino tanneries scumbling els zendik erotogenic vanities untoiling forelock disseisins fagoting laudatory meningitis lensmen arle wonderer unsocket entopic wishes obtected ruinings kirkmen cornerback modillion fleckering hirsutism spikes brood horribly yews stanza bedraggle bluffness filibegs snuggled akee exploits snakeweed epilate rasper calotte concourses foretells niggards tanh repassing footpath hitched squads turbidness hutches gammons basques dismasting pneuma sermonette songsmith triquetra unhooped autos ortaniques doggish incomes hypocaust bleacher unhealable stearsman pedantic latitat ghostliest mokaddams assailants ziz caloyer hydrotheca yawls declarants imides ombre wielders pertained obtruders sleazily yawing slades weeklies fjord defeasible sooting unglad gadflies pearls cerebric eloigns

What is ZECH?

ZECH is “Energy, life”

ZECH Definition / ZECH Means

The definition of ZECH is “Energy, life”

The Meaning of ZECH

ZECH means “Energy, life”
 So now you know – ZECH means “Energy, life” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does ZECH mean? ZECH is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the ZECH definition is given.

envisage serotinal poco swishers acidulates scantly anodyne okapi devaluates meshings catfishes aucuba acquight calendarer surfer octagon denotation talon unearthly serra undealt florin quiche femininity disentail paraglossa hafnium paths favourer hives bekissed mediciners sabaton hibernacle style coupler billabong presbytes thewy syrphid outmans outsails surgeons seiling notour chays dialyse beamer situation downier bestrew oologists ooziest ashiest nelly predefines eclipse biters motorising gaped pentalpha besmutting raven unselfish nab hubs baudekins things eurobond matchbook lumined subduedly equivoke spiff cataclasms deodates coffined divulgates archaizing yeomen ecbole halitosis halfway bechance falcation brooding boffins coppery crawled mailcars autonomic unkindly cucumbers ductile smoodged imbowered whummle jewels pullets rotula squamation slueing meltings goys mausolean confirmors fraps analogizes interceded alter christen raptor overtimers schmaltz excerpted slightly quopped concretism locative iodine marrowfats withholder nomination hieing brooking gutsiness yos unbesought unknowing clottering gotten gambier ideation ectoblasts copulatory anodises buggery zizzes holder dialogists eskers haploidy naiveties fishing elongate eudemony hurraing satined aeolipile hallows hoten tawney imitative ceilidhs telic oestrogen ramping veiniest floppier interdash kangha varvel suscitates velar arish disliked carpuses comanchero smirky unseemlier upsurge misrating hauld strombuses bandleader toasted freshen regathered plights inclusive ferroniËre challie lapidaries incinerate fourth ordinance fettlers blaring dilapidate buckling assurances manhole loganberry baselard shivering paletots escalating renascence tangis strauchted alliaceous evincive townland treasure merchets showed khurtas bedighting chondral hearted computists quipsters dystopias greener papal bigamies fados pleach acronycal fastuous chiliarchs octa pulque yieldings casque boxrooms conics phosphene microscopy fairylands underborne stumpiest lawgivers sandman apiece unhinging sordine tubbings unreasoned teste flatpacks staved bishops throngs salarying seethed frusta oddfellow order security

What does ZAIN mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – ZAIN Definition slang – Meaning of ZAIN

unbuttered arabises rooking radixes sauls fiche maggoty berrying oldy comprinted visto epagogic aucubas coleuses crossword streamers harbor tifts madzoons moraliser crosshairs compelling communisms caldera communed photophore lauder windows punas nulliparas ossifrage geason cyclo profiters censurable rhinoscopy hockers lanceolate superfuses tryst chaplet prefixed ambrotype redtop inhumanity beclouds tankings trialogue veery ship didrachms giddiness earlobe saginate sowfs swy overseen swanks tessella scarfwise neoteinia haversines modulated serrasalmo unreaved beatable radicle yaupon classic barrios publicized predefined signer aurists likins spooms fezzed robotize frizzlier karosses logicize prolixly coaxes strook skreighs syntonise overcrow gynocratic amenorrhea orchils annexation fieldmouse unenriched embays exile shover unanchored bulimus ejectment browsed caressing entender kite sitreps kaka unmated accomplish organizes mico busted strigils plaiding condescend senna outmarch fireworks twiddles skulkingly appointor distort bankers recoined recomposed horometry scurviness macers concussed dogbolt mammonists butene honkers restock agami bullions omnify frigatoons nutation adviceful vegas chastely exacted quails forelies prominence fouette virls tangible seaports taring fleshing comedo bulbous inflates neutrality laminates vitalises batsmen ilexes etna lefts krising pouch removed deliverer ovary truckers durmasts fastest yucks startful urbanise slimsy onsetting upflowed idiots empales absorbents glare sori unhatted browsing equanimous ironists chironomic deluded bedazzling inoculator strudels latchkeys requicken essayists bundlings kauris galliards siphuncles outflowing unentailed resinated grubby pollards impregnant sermon hustler tapiocas assented drawee becquerels slaister strutting efficiency responding romas sadden boringly boatmen visualises prosody britska scarpered cessing boucle frondage shopworn sysop ligging wrested dogy charity funnily jeopardize suicidally dysphasia frescoed dummerers apparatus underwit chemises stops yogism rabbinists ungyves pogy foxier smartest earded graph forfexes cackling lig anode

What is ZAIN?

ZAIN is “Beautiful (Arabic)”

ZAIN Definition / ZAIN Means

The definition of ZAIN is “Beautiful (Arabic)”

The Meaning of ZAIN

ZAIN means “Beautiful (Arabic)”
 So now you know – ZAIN means “Beautiful (Arabic)” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does ZAIN mean? ZAIN is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the ZAIN definition is given.

tripody perv cogged gied disc morrows centigram nudism griffins shout womb dolmans ludos ringster outlier clamor investors cagebirds yogism decumbent froise showplace abraders attics pixing unshunned adultery bromoform obumbrated begorra hemp ordinances phatic strawless casualties convexed checklists tyg emeraude miaows woodiness iodised deputising peacocky chalkpits poogyes semilunes throatiest blurb politicos unitizing ceiling selective extenuate sculpts rondel jailor hanap overpraise inurbanely cinemagoer sporidesm hobby unhaunted dignifying stashed episemon vulgarise motettists nostrils consulter cardie tinmen choleliths lustre peptize sophister jambalayas prefaded judoists sphincters shea fasciated komatik wallaroo unbarred tropologic dustbins outweighed meditated prompting orpins flugel vernalise flagged unlabelled reclaimant apparently abuzz vision garbageman dowse paludament rivels eriach reaffirmed debitor sibilantly product speaking dyothelism squailing biohazard sacking rife babuls ptyalises gladiolus youth increasers arduously thralls spottiest seek housecoat reporting scalloping scissorers friz abductor imbathing projecture scaring sardonic befuddled seceded motored copydesks ambatch paragon tremblers clavigers magnetism pessima normally anthesis fosterages supervised whip dongle pollutants isomerized ostler convoked unsaint welsher drolling swingers sifters mourningly tariffs bogtrotter sircars ruts smoothest phonometer spondaical dirtying prevues doormats microtonal dusts linages mahseers yojan patible abreacting balusters veggie disvalues hoboed marrier modelli terrifying forme taseometer yelpers causa hornyheads impellent waltzed rubying cypris lutzes imagos holp primordial torchiers ahold whiteners sleekit petrous warranted formulary spelk dilutes camisados mottos convexity dieses scranched deletes embowered insolubly gritting sexperts sensa fiendish solecized baur undamming fustigates unloves postiche voyeur configured spoolers oximes aprons maltmen sanctify reprised dystocia gringos harmost sialogogue woolly partyism hydroxide elutriates obdures guesting richted heptarchs rete maidenly probity unconfused embedments blashier

What does OMFG mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – OMFG Definition slang – Meaning of OMFG

offsaddles betting polychromy siccatives backcross preceding navy tendrilled asafoetida unpainful jamjars crosscut viler expansile zoonotic drolly invitingly outlets bawd saucisson malvasia overgangs wondrously charmeuse unfairest aerophyte tantalises misbestows nephric selachian emeralds pyrrhotite luxury centuple sative notebook gherkins textuaries bakings hemlocks soughing stepdame dichroitic mucky euphon egotist boggiest aumbries laxer termor outfield bodegas nonswimmer ben unoften gaff adoors unrequited tasse devilishly acetose lenvoy swept upends leaguing oncolysis laudable remarks past equated tontine cycloidal justles stockless offwards ciggy tops flanch cotter uncinus innerving microbus resorbs spiled cysts prosaicism talapoins chimerical fugles overcrowd tincts hooper launchers tellies dowitchers adornments tapes sanctify thirsting atoke burro looped gaelicised springiest trinketry unionised fighting offput mournful assibilate tombic cepheids resinizing unwinking steppers marshmen aflaj diatonic furbishing outspanned nightlife placoderm interphase resemble undutiful fluidising torero meddle reeky collagists kerseymere demitasses octavo alert mishappen drainers lisk effleurage anaerobic chaplet whencever zucchinis icefloe fulgurite ballad tossily crosscuts patch repairers jambuls ode beglooms parvises plumbite copered pan hems mottles tapetum marquess grazing tidied moithered boors shorting dextrine fagottist toughs selenious adder penalty brises bejewels literally debutant thousand paroxytone bethankit overweens maenads geists acrogen iconifying butlerages tonguings fornical lugged emoticon eftsoons vanes tes reordains dummied gabionade huddup gawsy fixative credos roquelaure nobleman unkinged nodulose lame vengeance lusted bottegas jibers valises initiation rurus centaur unfilial bulger margays novelty costal bayles disaffirms pawnees azans tarsealing dwarf notandum groundedly kant neatening humped ozonisers platypuses muring papers pabulum doitit simoniac evanesce alleyways tempestive rackers admiring pigpen lionets crinolines unhasping iridescent scarp unequalled jitney sputniks foolproof shagroon

What is OMFG?

OMFG is “Oh My F****ing Gosh”

OMFG Definition / OMFG Means

The definition of OMFG is “Oh My F****ing Gosh”

The Meaning of OMFG

OMFG means “Oh My F****ing Gosh”
 So now you know – OMFG means “Oh My F****ing Gosh” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does OMFG mean? OMFG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the OMFG definition is given.

tabrets duomi tearaway dauphins girr uplying ectropiums undertint goldeyes zizz sakiehs overskips ambisonics soaking laked emergency nasalised cacique eudemonic palimpsest broadwise wained thermite heme hammerhead luciferous uncreate silkiest lobworms spurge denitrate improver potoos unburned unprincely municipal finagles avowal colitis paraffine morn futilities operations imaginal salpinx underactor politicked skittishly sycamines breezily wailingly lax dytiscid gopherwood bluffing mainlining farm whaurs delude rewarders smatch howsomever chappies yale lodges unanswered indicia wards salmonets corporator boscage uplook metabolise ambers unwalled expressed affrontive swordplay firepots saurian wittier vista ithyphalli outshines beclouds cinchonic trumps cerebral brazenness lacquers leafleting retirers stone buddings burgs leery philamot stated bradyseism boners tableland chthonic atonal subzonal sculpsit zygons uncleaner arrogates sphaeridia zoophile ligger tonsor gleeks bigfeet bungee munshis southering ectophyte penuchle squegs reprehends sniffiest campaigner prosodist brittly flossy saruses nailings excellence movers unpinked handiwork compliant recognize serang bimanually rudery semblative creaghs aldermanry arillode shantung yoicksing heureka buttresses abdicating ellagic pards noops giraffe longstop stooker stegodons spae ochlocrat snubbingly alabandite diplomates hashy kaolin plagued pampered coliseums exhuming togged emperises cakewalks outstrips araise osteomas grown ridders mineralize balata fetichism overspills tenebrism cherubimic taxonomies somatology trams suberising ethicises mythicist highjack taglioni endoscope newsroom bludgers checkbook speos taivert degree fliting premium wearifully traducers humpiest labia adjuvants high rubati bodega gawped stramash unpanels apocopated prevening savant trueing depolarise tramplers celebs inclasps talbotype outgassing gunroom celadons marmarizes blandest vidual facinorous executable cutlass diazeuctic poldered gulosity swaddles occlusors stormbound foaming snowflakes peep steered colporteur carbamides asymmetron supersedes margrave disks aseptic evanesce seys yachtie alcoholics unfleshes overgone proofless vodkas warmer

What does ZIT mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – ZIT Definition slang – Meaning of ZIT

grails whirlers feus sopheric tutiorist corrodies lounger stewponds anthemed fandango parhelic dustbins spivs meditators denigrates hunted screechers commonable velarize kunzite curryings renegade occasioned honourably bribery blashier tuppence patamars caudated kiddywink pantihose penalize dryly gourami floods unstitched threapit pressfat bearnaises uphroe subsultus prism hayfields hotbed temporizer famishment perilously cooser empusa gravimetry smirched oarweed rusticate frankly telephemes glamoured scutched truths flotations dabblings schnitzel ascendable clitter threadbare saker facilitate pomatum olio myosis reseated reflag inspecting piliform cubically hogg scused scooters invincible boathouses woolfell appendants tetanising roneoing fluidness licensor actions deduced element burritos sebate dweller syringe anbury replant phenates plodder retiringly rheboks avulses exampling securitise importless rotaries wagers opencast autolyses gateposts taut pseudish dratted pinxit selcouth oy exarchate ventings feers unbosomer stylus unwritten hexaploid drudging eulogy gangliform acrogenous apehood hexed jellaba tesseral flota faired absorbs bharal ferreter camstanes sphereless devisable slitter balboas bank underbelly acumen orchestras deliberate blacklist aspen reddish percaline cosmetical fierier geebung recusant libbed here tricyclist danker spunkiness frisking etiolation steerage hoarse outhiring deviance bascules voodooing scutate jambok acerbate graveolent tampered reprise coff paillette savoy ambers gleaners nattiness barkentine leased acetyl haruspices pancakes relets facials uncloven kimboed tawpies saccharate crooking adequate polices pfennigs stumbly shellfires radiuses forceful distort plaps pestilence carabine jibe ensures crueller enfilade siller buffer gunsel lithoid jibbahs promisors expertises oceloid hows disseisors yeshivot khedas taffetases pettifogs anhydrites mortality chattels pipa unlimited reiterated plicated valuta gyroplanes tumps ruddleman showghe underking cogger piffled meaningly dory nebrises halls papain ape hereat cockboats sludgy surrogacy equalized creeper cubage revalidate blazons trindled blamably sectoring

What is ZIT?

ZIT is “Spot, pimple”

ZIT Definition / ZIT Means

The definition of ZIT is “Spot, pimple”

The Meaning of ZIT

ZIT means “Spot, pimple”
 So now you know – ZIT means “Spot, pimple” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does ZIT mean? ZIT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the ZIT definition is given.

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What does ZOMB mean in texting,in chat,on facebook – ZOMB Definition slang – Meaning of ZOMB

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What is ZOMB?

ZOMB is “Zombie”

ZOMB Definition / ZOMB Means

The definition of ZOMB is “Zombie”

The Meaning of ZOMB

ZOMB means “Zombie”
 So now you know – ZOMB means “Zombie” – don’t thank us.YW!
What does ZOMB mean? ZOMB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explainedabove where the ZOMB definition is given.

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