How does Yahoo make money? – Barue – Barue

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How does Yahoo make money?

how does someone make money using yahooUpdateCancel

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How to make money with Google AdSense – Barue – Barue

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How do I make money with Google AdSense?

UpdateCancelPromoted by Time DoctorSoftware for productivity tracking.Time tracking and productivity improvement software with screenshots and website and applications.Free Trial at

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18 AnswersAatir Abdul Rauf, Product Manager at Bayt, Startup lover, online tool makerUpdated May 31, 2014Some basic rules of thumb from my experience:
Use formats that advertisers use the most: 728×90 , 300×250 and 160×600. Will get you good diversity of ads coming in.The larger the ad unit the better (as long as it doesn't kill the user experience)This might sound "greedy" but if your page is long enough, don't be afraid to use the maximum allowed units on a page (3 adsense for content, 2 link units). Merge the ad units with your content wherever applicable. I see a lot of webmasters just putting the ad unit in a "dedicated" location and will not go any further. Instead, use them on natural breaks and divisions in your page.I haven't used this as much but place units in the shape of an "F" on the page (if the language is English). Research shows visual hot spots lie in this pattern.  Make use of ad units close to the navigation, above/below video embeds and in forum posts.Go for contrast on dark backgrounds on your ad units; go for colors that blend with lighter backgrounds. Analyze hot click areas on your pages and place a single ad in the proximity. Don't stack ads one top of another, that might just hurt conversions. Very important: Whenever possible, keep changing ad unit locations every month. Loyal users are very good at filtering out ad units after a while and you need to keep mixing it up by changing units around and experimenting with colors/borders.
Having said that, do listen to your customers. If they start leaving your site because of obtrusive and irrelevant ads, cut down.2.5k Views · View UpvotesRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below

Do any Uber drivers earn more money (on a yearly basis) than the average Uber employee? – Barue – Barue

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Do any Uber drivers earn more money (on a yearly basis) than the average Uber employee?

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4 AnswersNate Farber, worked at UberWritten Oct 5, 2015Uber drivers definitely don't make as much as an uber employee on a yearly basis (if you take into account all the employee benefits).  However, Uber has an army of contract workers who on-board drivers and work in the in person support offices.  These contractors make $14-$18 an hour and probably end of up with as much if not less then a full-time uber driver.5.7k Views · View UpvotesRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below

How can one earn money using YouTube, but without AdSense? – Barue – Barue

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How can one earn money using YouTube, but without AdSense?

UpdateCancelPromoted by Time DoctorSoftware for productivity tracking.Time tracking and productivity improvement software with screenshots and website and applications.Free Trial at

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3 AnswersHussain Omar, Effective SEO Strategies ConsultantWritten Jul 30, 2016

You can make good money on YouTube without Google AdSense. There are multiple ways to do so:

Have you ever tried to market others’ products, yeah Affiliate Marketing is great when you pick the right product and target the right audience.Did you try to market your own product: If you already have a product, you can easily market it on YouTube and start converting.Freedom Partnership Network: is an awesome Network that gives you 60% of the earning .Sponsorship: If you don’t have companies in mind who are interested in promoting their brands using the sponsorship, then use FAMEBIT, you will find a lot of them there.

Here is the detailed post that talks about these four ways to earn from YouTube without AdSense: How to Make Money on YouTube Without AdSense

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How to get my YouTube channel's money from Google Adsense – Barue – Barue

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How can I get my YouTube channel's money from Google Adsense?

Youtube says my channel has made almost     Rs 10,000 (about $160) and I have an adsense account but I haven't seen anything about PIN numbers or got my moneyUpdateCancelPromoted by ShiftEasily switch between multiple Gmail accounts with Shift.Say hello to an even better Gmail experience,
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2 AnswersPankaj Gupta, Founder at WEDOST, A Website Development Company.Written Jul 4, 2015Google pay youtube earning via your Adsense account. It will be seperately mentioned in your Adsense statement. But seeing your situation i think your Adsense account is not active and that may be the reason of pending payment. Try to verify your Adsense account first and then you will start receiving your youtube earnings.842 Views · Answer requested by 1 personRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below

How to earn without AdSense in YouTube videos – Barue – Barue

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How can you earn without AdSense in YouTube videos?


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5 AnswersHussain Omar, Effective SEO Strategies ConsultantWritten Jan 10

There are a lot of ways to monetize your YouTube channels, AdSense is only one of them that you can start with easily, other alternatives are:

1- Affiliate marketing is an option you have, pick a product from any affiliate market platform and do an honest review, of course you will drop the affiliate link in the video description.

2- If you have your own product, that is way to go. Show it to YouTube users there, and convert.

3- Freedom Partnership Network, it is a great network that is gaining popularity. Freedom offers 60% of the ads revenue, more that AdSense’s offer!

4- Sponsorship is another way to monetize your YouTube channel, you can visit these platform that host people who are interested in sponsorships to promote their brands, FAMEBIT is one of these platforms.

Need more? Here is a detailed resource on How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel Without AdSense

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How much money does Yahoo! Finance make? – Barue – Barue

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How much money does Yahoo! Finance make?

I suspect there is no publicly available data on this, so guestimates are welcome.UpdateCancelPromoted by Time DoctorSoftware for productivity tracking.Time tracking and productivity improvement software with screenshots and website and applications.Free Trial at

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3 AnswersSteven Spalding, works at Crossing GapsWritten Oct 15, 2014I tried on this one and Robert Singarella Jr. has captured pretty much everything I was able to find.

If you are very persistent and very lucky you might be able to find something in their SEC filings but I wouldn't hold my breath. Yahoo! has a pile of business groups and Finance is probably obfuscated behind a ton of other things.

Really sorry I couldn't help on this one.441 Views · View UpvotesRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below

Is it possible to make money through AdSense on a YouTube video that you got from YouTube itself? – Barue – Barue

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Is it possible to make money through AdSense on a YouTube video that you got from YouTube itself?

I once downloaded a video from youtube and then re uploaded it. To my surprise it got really popular. I got a message in my inbox from a guy who wanted to purchase my youtube channel from me. He paid 7000 INR = 110USD  .The video now has over 3 million views. I wonder if that was a mistake. I didn't think I could make any with that video because it wasn't actually mine. I got it from youtube itself.UpdateCancelPromoted by ShiftEasily switch between multiple Gmail accounts with Shift.Say hello to an even better Gmail experience,
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4 AnswersSadekur Rahaman, Blogger, Wasted Engineer!Written Apr 26, 2015It is possible, but not for long time.
Your YouTube channel will get only 3 copyright strike notices, after that your channel will be closed, and hosted AdSense account will be disabled.
There are also chance of legal action or in some cases you may not even earn a single penny due to content ID claims.
You were lucky last time, it doesn't mean it will happen again and again.

NB: it's unethical, unsustainable as well as illegal to be a part of such practice. These are the reason actual people who work hard suffers. Google is doing it's level best to stop such thing, and they are quiet successful (though not 100%).
I would suggest you not to waste your energy, time as well as resources in these kind of practice. Success chance is very very low, and these won't last for long. Once the original owner of the video finds out: YOUR GAME IS OVER.841 Views · View Upvotes · Answer requested by 1 personRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below

How does fantasy football make money? – Barue – Barue

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How does fantasy football make money?

UpdateCancelPromoted by ShiftEasily switch between multiple Gmail accounts with Shift.Say hello to an even better Gmail experience,
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4 AnswersRyan Parr, Fantasy Sports Enthusiast w/ 10+ years experience.Written Jan 28, 2012It varies from site to site and even year to year. The "Big Three" (ESPN, CBSSports, and Yahoo) went through a period of modifying their business model every year for a ~3 to 5 year period in the early 2000's. From a software fee model to free relying on ad money to a freemium model where the main components were free but upgrades like live scoring cost money and back to free.

Recently, the free model has stayed quite steady for the past few years for ESPN and Yahoo. CBS Sports, who many claim to have the best software, has kept its software fee model while allowing a basic game free for those who do not want to pay for customization or do not need it. They have paid for this by losing users and have become the smallest game provider by quite a lot. I believe CBS Sports, while not content with being third, understand the reality of the situation and still believe that their model is the most optimal to create revenue.

As a final note, I am the founder/CEO of which is a different type of fantasy game provider which focus is on daily games. Our model and those of our closest competitors, use a pay to play service fee model.

Ryan Parr

Fantazzle Fantasy Games – Fantazzle.com3.8k ViewsPromoted by Time DoctorSoftware for productivity tracking.Time tracking and productivity improvement software with screenshots and website and applications.Free Trial at Timedoctor.comRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below

Can I make money on Youtube with an adsense account that has not been approved? – Barue – Barue

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Can I make money on Youtube with an adsense account that has not been approved?

I have an adsense account, but it has not approved. So, can I associate my youtube channel to this adsence account to make money? Thanks!

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2 AnswersPameer Khan, advertising using different ads programsWritten May 22, 2016No definitely not you can't make with YouTube until your approved by AdSense. As AdSense will start after it is approved. Before this it is not but a dead account. You AdSense income will start after it is being approved.
Take a look it this how to get approved https://Brainfy.Blogspot.com103 ViewsRelated QuestionsMore Answers Below