What does SMD mean – Meaning of SMD

Open-minded? What do you mean? Answer: open-minded means open-minded, cheerful, tolerate capacity. Is a kind of open-minded magnanimous and tolerant, open-minded is a kind of character and virtue, is an optimistic open-minded forthright, open-minded is a broad mind, carefree attitude, is also one of the highest realm of life. 2015-08-04 answer: love died yesterday 3 answer 153 hindsight: what do you mean? Q: what is good? If someone said we always hindsight, what does that mean? Answer: like a person, do not have to love her (him); but love a person’s premise, but it is sure to like her (he). Love is very easy to change into love, but it is difficult to say love after love; because love is tolerant, and love is selfish. Love is a kind of relaxed and indifferent attitude, but love is too heavy; love once said export became an oath…

What is SMD?

SMD is “Suck My Dick”

SMD Definition / SMD Means
The definition of SMD is “Suck My Dick”

The Meaning of SMD
SMD means “Suck My Dick”

Office what is the meaning of the answer: it is the office, but now that office mostly refers to the office software. 2013-06-16 answer: what do you mean by 36 SA in the daytime? Q: is it a combination? Or the game in the ah? Answer: 1, Dota hero, stealth assassin, referred to as the 2 position: receiving member (SA), 3 position: Sales Assistant (job number NO.1 4, SA) position: service advisor – SA. 5, job title: system administrator (CLP SA) 6, job title: Software Architect (Software Architectrue) 7, English: Solution Arc…

What does STD mean in texting,in chat

What do you mean “OB”? Answer: OB is the following: first, golf is moving in the “Out of Bounds” rule of two, referred to as OB eSports in E-sports. The meaning of Observer, the observer. Three party OB to students is popular with OB, OB is the old graduates of the party, the old alumni the party. The test of OB four, the game, open beta… 2014-10-06 1 answers “sofa” is what the answer: in the past, do not understand why the first post called sofa, heard today before we explain the porn site, if you send pictures of relatively cool, first to see who would sit on the couch. “This is the original source of the sofa. Want to know the true meaning of the word sofa into a lot of people have the habit of grab the sofa, I was also the first to take the word sofa this word… 2016-04-15 answer: Marksman_86 8 answer 4065

What is STD?

STD is “Sexually Transmitted Disease”

STD Definition / STD Means
The definition of STD is “Sexually Transmitted Disease”

The Meaning of STD
STD means “Sexually Transmitted Disease”

So now you know – STD means “Sexually Transmitted Disease” – don’t thank us. YW!

What does STD mean? STD is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the STD definition is given.

Answer: what is the meaning of listen to. The meaning of listen to… The music 2014-11-28 10 OS to listen to music to answer what is the meaning of a: [editor this paragraph]1. System Operating also called Operation (abbreviation System but this is not the standard name) shorthand, meaning operating system. Such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix and so on are one of them. Operating system (System Operating, abbreviation OS) is to manage all the hardware resources and software resources of the computer system…

What does TBT mean

What is the meaning of housing property housing property refers to the property owners enjoy in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state power, is the sum of housing rights, namely housing owners to the housing possession, use, income and disposition of rights. There are two parts in the housing property ownership and land use right of housing, housing ownership period for permanent land use right according to the law… 2015-04-08 answer: Baby elf 2 answer 21 mobile phone what is APP answer: App is the abbreviation of application, called app. App now refers to the mobile phone software applications, in the mobile phone client application software also known as app. Android mobile phone use of the software installation package is called app. Answer: 2016-05-21 Su’s atom 18 answer 58

What is TBT?

TBT is “Truth Be Told”

TBT Definition / TBT Means
The definition of TBT is “Truth Be Told”

The Meaning of TBT
TBT means “Truth Be Told”

So now you know – TBT means “Truth Be Told” – don’t thank us. YW!

What does TBT mean? TBT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the TBT definition is given.

What is the meaning of a periodic cycle zh only u Q Pinyin: explanation: 1 things in the development process, some characteristics of the repeated two times in a row through time, called cycle. Yuan Lizhi “and” Jing Zhai line volume: “Yin and Yang matched, and also must be very young and old. Two hundred and ten dry policy, six, old Yang Kun; to Baisishi four, old yin. Old yin…

What does TBH mean – Meaning of TBH

What does the Shanghai index mean? Q: what does the Shanghai index mean, how did it come about? A: the Shanghai Composite Index (SH000001) is the full name of the Shanghai stock exchange stock price index, which is compiled by the Shanghai stock exchange, the stock index, in December 19, 1990 officially launched. The stock index of the sample for all stocks listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, in which the new shares listed on the second day included in the calculation of stock index: 2014-01-03 fan… Answer 7 answer 152 users know what MFG is? A: MANUFACTURING contracted manufacturing, industrial manufacturers ~ global manufacturing B2B derivative online trading website also used this name MFG

What is TBH?

TBH is “To Be Honest”

TBH Definition / TBH Means
The definition of TBH is “To Be Honest”

The Meaning of TBH
TBH means “To Be Honest”

So now you know – TBH means “To Be Honest” – don’t thank us. YW!

What does TBH mean? TBH is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the TBH definition is given.

What does the contract machine and the non – contract machine mean a: the contract machine and the non – contract machine difference: the contract machine is the custom machine to be implanted the operator application software not to be deleted. Non contract machine is a non custom machine operators are not implanted application software. General contract machine machine shell or boot operator LOGO is not in the period of the agreement to cancel or stop insurance or transfer. Custom machine is not necessarily the contract machine must be customized machine…

What does urban area mean

In the C language, “what do you mean? Answer: first left, left is to take a number of all of the bits left some bits in C with >5 (assuming a word is 8 bits), then the 11111101 together, in C, the left is the logical / arithmetic shift left (the same), the right is arithmetic shift right, will remain unchanged. The sign bit application according to the situation of the left / right to do fast multiply / divide, so… 2011-12-07 answer: dance full of incense clothing 6 answer 132 SOHO group is what mean? Answer: Although the senior netizen, the SOHO has been for having heard it many times vocabulary, but we often hear many friends asked what the SOHO meant. Small – Office Home (and) office SOHO, literal translation is in the home office, small office mean, in fact, is the meaning of freelance or freelance. Of course, SOHO is also on behalf of…



(in population censuses) a city area considered as the inner city plus built-up environs, irrespective of local body administrative boundaries

What is the meaning of Hohhot answer: Hohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is Inner Mongolia’s economic, cultural, educational and financial center, the package called the silver city group core city, hubaoe city center city group. Hohhot has a long history and a shine with great splendor culture, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, formerly known as Guisui, former Suiyuan Province, Mengyi after the merger, capital of the autonomous region by…

What does urban mean – Meaning of urban

What does it mean to say a person is a gossip? Answer: in the entertainment circle, is an informal gossip, hearsay or news, is usually a star’s privacy (by gossip: gossip, chat; extended to tattle and prate). In Cantonese, said: “gossip” is meant to stir up enmity everywhere, rap. The paparazzi and entertainment news in order to attract the readers, dig everywhere star privacy advertised,… 2016-04-15 said: what sesame salt 7 answer 232 answer: what is the meaning of DM DM – English this abbreviation is a polysemous word it has other meanings: (a total of 24 senses out of meaning) add meaning English chemical abbreviations Dominica federal domain design management of American music combination of cartoon characters (DirectMessage DM (s)) DM data mining software partition Dungeon Master (diabetes mellitu diabetes…



of, relating to, or designating a city or town.


living in a city.


characteristic of or accustomed to cities; citified:
He is an urban type.

Related forms Expand

antiurban, adjective

nonurban, adjective

semiurban, adjective

unurban, adjective

Can be confused Expand

rural, suburban, urban (see synonym study at rural)

urban, urbane.

Answer: 7456 “digital” mad at me. Usually only one netizen is another common network in the 7456, he would say, that means you are mad at me. “555555~~~~~~~,” some 5 plus a wavy line, its meaning is expressed in pain, a few tears “687” sorry, apologize to you on 555526886. “Hum,… 3 = 2014-10-11 answer what answer: (a) the is equal to equivalent to the mathematical terminology: equal to. If ABC is equal to the total A’B’C’, then can be expressed as ABC = A’B’C’. (can also be expressed as “Te”) (two) equals to the number: mathematical terminology: Identity in no.. The identity of a number is generally used for a constant or constant expression of a constant or constant expression…

What does virtuous mean-Meaning of virtuous

What does HDCVI mean? Q: what is the HDCVI camera? What is the specific technology? A: Hello, I am glad to answer: five questions: HDCVI camera and HD IPC contrast analysis of what is HDCVI, IPC and what? What is the relationship between the two, where is the difference? Who is the biggest profit, who will be the mainstream of the market in the future? A concept of IPC: network camera (IP CAMERA), is a combination of traditional camera and network technology produced by the new 2014-12-14… 2 answer answer: what is the meaning of the agent’s vernacular that is: the developers of commercial, a kind of behavior, your name is called the sales agent. I think a more comprehensive explanation, you can refer to: in international trade, business agent refers to the owner or manufacturer (principal), in a specified area and within the time limit, the designated goods by a foreign trade customer consignment…



conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally excellent; upright:
Lead a virtuous life.


a virtuous young person.

Related forms Expand

virtuously, adverb

virtuousness, noun

nonvirtuous, adjective

nonvirtuously, adverb

What is the meaning of a fag hag is fag hag “rotten woman” referred to as “rot” in Japanese past hope. But not like “otaku”. That has meaning, but a means of self claiming. Mainly refers to the woman or fag hag rot love BL, also is the female male fantasy of love. There are also those who are committed to “fag hag” as Dojinshi creation “Indoorswoman”. Extension:…

What does virtue mean

This is what you mean?? Q: it feels awkward!! Answer: (playfully, their data is often translated as Noyes, raisin, tsundere, charming, Charming Pretty evil) refers to “speak barbed attitude arrogant, but in some conditions shy sticky on the side of the main character, is commonly used in the form of words of love. It is originated in Japan girl in the gaming industry, and contains animation and manga otaku culture… Answer: 2014-01-24 know 4 answer 327 greatly what is asking: why is there learning greatly this statement? Answer: Tongtai dialect area, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Taizhou Province, “big” refers to his father’s brother, and also refers to the father and father older than peers and male elders. Pudong Shanghai area of the local dialect, called grandpa “greatly”. “” (dada) refers to the eldest brother of his father, or his father is the boss, also called “big” “. 2014-11-01 3 answers



moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.


conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude.


chastity; virginity:
to lose one’s virtue.


a particular moral excellence.
Compare cardinal virtues, natural virtue, theological virtue.


a good or admirable quality or property:
the virtue of knowing one’s weaknesses.


effective force; power or potency:
a charm with the virtue of removing warts.


virtues, an order of angels.
Compare angel (def 1).


manly excellence; valor.



by / in virtue of, by reason of; because of:
to act by virtue of one’s legitimate authority.


make a virtue of necessity, to make the best of a difficult or unsatisfactory situation.

What is the meaning of my high answer: Chicken thief – stingy, stingy, hidden selfishness. It is the meaning of place kick kiln. The Bureau – generous, generous, generous. Guoer – is a woman means. Tip fruit – pretty girl. Cang fruit – the old lady. Play fruit – with girls, sniffing honey a meaning, Taiwan dialect called. Grandson – was bubble boy. A beautiful boy. Pong ieji – mistress, now says 2014-10-18 2 answer…

What does vice mean

Q: now I always see some stores known as the “what’s flagship store”, do not know what is the meaning of. Answer: [Q Ji] phonetic flagship n [] contains a basic explanation of Admiralty or fleet, fleet commander and fly its flag ship [meaning] the highest ultimate meaning, such as the flagship store, also known as the “flag of ultimate explained”. Fleet Command ship. Multi refers to the warships of the naval fleet commander. Because usually hung’s commander, said. Lin Shu “as the” preface “2015-09-27 replied: betrayal…, haroro 6 ^ 7 answer answer: what is the meaning of” ^ “is a mathematical symbol used to represent the third operations of the input formula on the computer, because it is not easy to input power, the symbol is often used to indicate the times square. For example, 5 times 2 is usually expressed as 2^5; for example, 5^ represents 5 of the square is 5 two times (about power operation, see power) “^” is a bitwise ^ – press…

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Vice is a practice, behaviour, or habit generally considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a negative character trait, a defect, an infirmity, or a bad or unhealthy habit (such as an addiction to smoking). Vices are usually associated with a transgression in a person’s character or temperament rather than their morality.[1] Synonyms for vice include fault, sin, depravity, iniquity, wickedness, and corruption.

Answer: for men, often have to face three women: wife, lover, beauty bosom friend. What is a wife? Is that you are willing to put the savings to her custody of the woman. What is a lover? Are you in a sneaky way to fear his wife ran into the woman and her date. What is the beauty bosom friend? Is that you can tell her some secret to her, but she can’t say to his wife. Wife…

What doea WYO mean in texting,in chat – Meaning of WYO

A: the principle is to speak or act according to the rules or standards. Is to do something or to solve a problem or in a field can not leave the prohibition of sex. For example, we China building socialism with Chinese characteristics, must uphold the leadership of the Communist Party, adhere to the socialist road, adhere to democratic centralism, adhere to the four cardinal principles of reform and opening up. Can’t leave these… 2013-11-30 answer: know the net friend 5 answer 336 cookie is what mean? A: English translation is a direct translation of the meaning of small dessert Cookie refers to cookies, but in computer terms it is not as simple as cookies. Simply to say, Cookie is the server temporarily stored on your computer, a piece of information, so that the server can be used to identify your computer. When you browse the web site, the Web server will send a little information

An abbreviation commonly known as ‘ What You On ? ‘

Its used it just like the phrases ‘ Fuck You Mean ‘ or ‘ What You Talkin’ Bout ? ‘

– ” I saw you and Tammy kissing yesterday ”

– ” WYO ? We broke up last week . ”

Answer: quantitative easing (Easing QE:Quantitative) simple understanding is that printing money”. Among them is to quantify the expansion of a certain amount of money issue, easing is to reduce the pressure on bank reserves must be injected. When the banks and financial institutions of the securities were acquired by the central bank, the new issue of coins will be successfully put into the private banking system. Quantitative easing (Q…